NATURAL ELEMENTS AND THEIR INEVITABLE MANIFESTATIONS The immaterial world is gaining ground; people attach themselves to screens and interfaces. Our virtual identity can seriously compromise the connection to our physical environment and its properties. How can we reconnect? Looking at nature, I found concepts of motion and repetition within the elements earth, air, and water. The point of departure for my research to implement the experience of the natural elements and their inevitable manifestations; you cannot escape changes in light and temperature even if you are spellbound by your screen.
AIR - Inspired by the leaves flowing through the wind, ive made a new interpretation into a wall that changes by colour and patterns.
WATER - a cyclic pattern of water occurs due to light shining through a circle shaped window.
EARTH - Japanese tatami and moss are combined in an endless repetition, that shows the respect of entering a room by walking on bear feet. And gives the uneven cushy feel of moss.